Charity by Small Drawings

Exhibition in Tremelo, 1/09/19

Exhibition in Meerbeek, 7/05/17

Pillow with Drawings by Kse design

Textile markers, washible, drawing by Kse

Poster for Show Aquadance

Waterballet show Poster (design and drawings)

School Main doors

Major concept includes kids' drawings and logos (turtle and texting), drawn and designed by @Ksé

20 Cards Cover with optic illusion

Hand drawn, no photoshop.


Find more cufflinks by Ksé via link

music album covers

discover more via link. Drawings used for Albums by Deaflam.

Small drawing in interrior

one of my drawings on the wall. Check on my page.

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Small drawings by Ksé


Small drawings on paper, with graphite, liner and pencil or aquarelle pencil.

Each image is a story you create. 


Photo by Margo K.

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